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TA Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established on Aug. 29th, 2002. with approval of Shanghai municipal people's
government, P.R. China. TA is a professional third-party testing and evaluating service provider.
TA headquarters in Shanghai, and has branches in Wuhang and Shenzhen.

TA is positioned in providing certification and testing services on communication products, electrical and electronic, wireless
internet, information security and so on. So far, TA has established 19 professional labs for national and foreign testing and
certification. These labs including SAR, OTA, Wi-Fi, RF, EMC, etc.

In 2003, TA introduced Dasy testing system of Swiss Speag company, and provided SAR certification and testing services.
Based on EN50361, EN50360, OET65, IEEE152, this system
can issue SAR, HAC, and T-Coil certification report for communication products of GSM/GPRS/EGPRS/CDMA/WCDMA by the
corresponding CE, FCC, DGT, etc. In 2003, TA built up three-metre full anechoic chamber, ESD lab and shielded rooms.

TA also established EMC measurement system for communications products. This system can perform mandatory test items (such as RSE, RE, CSE, CE, ESD etc.) of CTA based on GB19484, YD1032, ETSI EN301489 and other related standards.

In September 2006, TAs OTA chamber was put into operation, and successfully passed CTIA recognition.

In June 2007, through on-site audit and data comparison, TA got the authorization of mobile operator--Vodafone, and
become specified lab in Asia's OTA testing field. TAs ETS-Lindgren system, covering GSM, CDMA, CDMA2000, WCDMA,
TD-SCDMA, TD-LTE, FDD-LTE and other formats, can test EIRP, SENSITIVITY, TRP, TIS, Gain and other test items.

In 2008, TA become the second lab that got Wi-Fi Alliances authorization, and can provide Wi-Fi interoperability test for members locally.

In 2009, TA built a 9x6x6 full anechoic chamber which completely covers the EMC test in communication field.

In 2010, TA built a RF testing system, using Agilent's 8800 system. This system can provide RF test for communication
terminal products, completing relevant CE, FCC test projects.

In 2011, TA got the authorization of NFC Forum, and become the specified lab for NFC N-MARK certification test.

In 2012, TA built the second 9x6x6 full anechoic chamber, which will cover more EMC test items in automotive electronics,
medical equipment, home appliances and other fields.

TA constantly improve its own technical capacity, at the same time, TA also widely carry out various types of cooperation with other laboratory, through the data comparison, technical seminars and other activities, to ensure the test data scientific and
rigorous, and provide customers more perfect and rapid testing and certification services. As a global third-party testing and certification organization, TA always takes the principle of scientific, rigorous, and fair to provide customers certifications to
enter global market. We will make our contributions for customers development.

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